Hi All,

Just a quick update regarding my working career situation and my company "Be-Smart Solutions Ltd".

After 16yrs of successful trading I've decided to call it a day trading as “Be-Smart Solutions Ltd”. and I will be closing the company down and returning to being a full-time employee once again.

I can truly say I'm glad to have carried out the whole running my own business scenario and the many joy's it brought to both me and my family over them 16yrs, but now I feel the timing for returning back to employment is right.

There's been many, many highs as well as a few lows along this journey in particular within the last five years since my accident and the Covid pandemic it just feels that being part of the whole company work-life/social aspect has become more apparent.

I would like to say a big thanks to all the companies & people from both the client/supplier aspect who I have dealt with over the years and your support/business was greatly welcomed.

So in January it will be the start of the New Year  & New Challenge, in the job role as “Design Project Engineer” at Thorn Lighting in Spennymoor.

For you that know my background I'm returning back to the same company that I left 16yr ago and setting-up Be-Smart Solutions Ltd.

I've always kept in touch with the people from Thorn, both from a friends/social aspect as well as a working aspect whilst working with both the Custom Products & NPD teams over the years on a variety of projects and I am looking forward to reestablishing those working relationships once again!

So, after 16yrs of a 24/7 working lifestyle and the day-to-day stresses and challenges associated with that and never switching off will becoming to an end shortly and replaced with a better work/life balance and only most probably working a 24/5 working week

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